ASCEK Source Code

A Continuous Model of Adversarial Queuing Theory 

We propose a model, named Continuous AQT (CAQT), in which
packets can have arbitrary lengths, and the network links may have different
speeds (or bandwidths) and propagation delays. We show that, in such a general
model, having bounded queues implies bounded end-to-end packet delays and vice

Concerning packet scheduling policies, we show that the well-known LIS, SIS,
FTG and NTS scheduling policies remain universally stable in our model.
However, we present other scheduling policies that are unstable under the CAQT
model, but universally stable under the AQT model. In this sense, the CAQT
model is strictly stronger than the AQT model. Additionally, we show that the
network features considered in the CAQT model, namely packet lengths,
propagation delays and bandwidths, are important keynotes for the stability of
the system.

ASCEK is a implementation of some scheduling policies for the Linux Kernel.