Vispper Visual Extraction Platform

Vispper is a visual tool for information extraction on the web based on open source software components like the Mozilla browser engine, the Jetty embeddable web server and the Eclipse ATF plugin . Vispper allows a user to visually select relevant information from a web page and to map this information into a predefined data structure. In a latter process, the page is physically fetched from the remote server and its selected information is stored locally following that predefined data structure. In this way, all the unstructured information of any web document can be accessed in a structured way through RDF, Web Services or any other of the common mechanisms associated to the Semantic Web initiative.

Currently we are working on the first public release, putting the final touches to the project.  We hope to release Vispper as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at our JavaXPCOM guide , that explains the main topics about JavaXPCOM , or use our LadyrBrowser API , that embeds a MozillaBrowser in a Java application.