Luis López Home Page

Luis López Fernández obtained his PhD in Computer Science at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in 2003. He has a Telecommunications Engineering degree by the ETSIT-UPM , obtained in 1999, and a Telecommunications Engieering degree by the ENST - Télécom Paris , also in 1999. Before starting his academic career, he worked in several IT companies including Texas Intruments Inc (working as Hardware Engineer) and Visual Tools S.A (working as Development Engineer).

He is currenly Associate Professor at the GSYC deparment beloging to Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, where he collaborates in several undergradate and master courses in Computer Science and Telecommunications Engineering. His current research interests are concentrated on Next Generation Networks and mobile service development. Luis has coauthored more than 50 research publications in top scientific journals and conferences including Physica Review E, Theoretical Computer Science, IEEE Electronics Letters, etc. With them, he has currently Hirsch index of H=7, in Google Scholar, and H=5 in ISI databases.

Luis has participated in numerous projects funded by different national and international organisms, including F.P. E.U projects. Luis maintains a very close cooperation with IT companies and has lead several research and development contracts with companies like Motorola , Lokku and Solaiemes . He has also participated in other projects associated to Telefonica , Vodafone , NEC , la Consejería de Empleo y Mujer de la Comunidad de Madrid , etc.