Funded Research and Devlopment Projects at LADyR

Research contracts with companies and institutions

The ConverG project

Funded by: Solaiemes S.L.         
Project summary: Convert your mobile phone into a full featured video camera with the possibility of storing and visualizing the video and voice streams.

Project applications: TV operators, news agencies, police services, emergency services: make everyone with a mobile phone to become a reporter. Emercency services may see what the will find before arriving

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The IECE project -- Information Extraction Crawling Engine

Funded by: Lokku Ltd.  owners of Nestoria search engine         Nestoria Logo        

Project summary: Convert the web into a database. The main idea is to extract information form a large set of unstructured web pages and store it a structured database where it can be queried using semantic-aware languages. This kind of technology allows a first approach toward semantic web by allowing anyone to recover "semantically" web information, even in the case where the target web document is not "semantic"

Project applications: Anyone needing large amounts of structured data obtained from the web. Crawling the web in a structured way.

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NHP project -- The Network Health Program

Funded by: Motorola España S.A.           Motorola Logo

Project summary: Error detection and diagnosis on large mobile telecommunication networks through micro agents architecture. The complexity of telecommunications software joined to the large amount of processes running in a large network makes very difficult the detection and diagnosis of errors.

Project applications:  Mobile phone operators and mobile phone equiment manufacturers wishing to improve network reliability and availability

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ARESTE -- Analysis of online newpapers

Funded by: Consejería de Empleo y Mujer de la Comunidad de Madrid Logo Comunidad Madrid

Project summary: The top 4 Spanish online newspapers (,,, are analyzed day by day. The idea is to determine the number of men and women proper noums to determine if there are sexism in today's news. We store the news appearing in all those newspapers into a structured database before analyzing them.

Project applications:  Anyone interested in agregating or analyzing news in a structured way. We convert a newspaper web page into a usual structured database.

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Research projects funded by public institutions


Plataforma Superescalable para el Despliegue de Servicios en Redes IMS (SUPERIMS)

Funded by: Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación           Logo Ministerio Educación y Ciencia

Reference: PET2008-0128 

Project summary: In this project we investigate the architecture and procedures for creating large super-scalable distributions trees suitable for broadcasting low-latency multimedia content to large audiences. The project also analyses how this type of tree can be integrated seamlessly into IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) infrastructures for the provision on a next generation of media services on mobile networks..

Project applications:  Low latency media broadcasting.

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Auto-organización en Sistemas de Comunicación Emergentes (ASCE)

Funded by: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia           Logo Ministerio Educación y Ciencia

Reference: - 

More information:  Detailed information can be found in the ASCE Project web site.

New paradigms for the design of networks and communications services

Funded by: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia           Logo Ministerio Educación y Ciencia

Reference: TSI2006-07799 

Project summary: In this project we propose the analysis and development of new protocols based on Fountain Codes. We analyze the ipact of using these protocols in applications like colaborative file transfers (bit-torrent-like) in the context of p2p applications. Using game theory, we try to develop new mechanism to guarantee that cooperation is the most optimal strategy for all participants.

Project applications:  Anyone interested large cooperative file transpers, p2p applications, large file distribution, etc.

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AUTONOMIC -- Autonomic reliable distributed and high performance systems 

Funded by: Comunidad de Madrid         Logo Ministerio Educación y Ciencia

Reference: Red S-0505/TIC/000285

Project summary: This is a coordinated project carried out in cooperation with the Distributed System Laboratory at UPM and with the Systems Laboratory at URJC . The main objectives of this project are related to the conception and development of new mechanism for the creation of distributed systems and networks suitable to perform relaibly without human supervision

Project applications:  Possible applications for telecomunication equiment manufacturers and operators

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