Software developed at LADyR

Here you can find public information and software produced in the context of the research projects at LADyR:


Digital Fountain Based Protocols

One of the objectives of TSI2006-07799 project entitled New paradigms for the design of networks and communications services is de development of a Java library suitable for the construction of transport protocols based on Digital Fountain encoding schemes. Here we make available this library and a simple aplication using it for providing an FTP like service.

  • FBPLib . A Java library implemeting a socket like API for the access to a Digital Fountain Based reliable transport protocol in the Internet. An example application is also provided
  • FBPLib documentation . Detailed documentation of the internals of the FBPLib library and how to use it


In relation to the Information Extraction activities carried out at LADyR, we have published as Open Source Software the following componnents and documentation:

  • Vispper . A visual tool for information extraction on the web.
  • JavaXPCOM Guide . We have written a guide to introduce the main concepts to embed a Mozilla Web browser in a Java application using JavaXPCOM bridge.
  • LadyrBrowser . We have developed an API to embed a Mozilla Web browser in a Java application (distributed under GPL license).


In relation with the ASCE project we have prublish ASCEK, a patch to the Linux kerner demonstrating the capabitlies of some scheduling disciplines derived from Adversarial Queueing Theory (AQT):